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In the red and (partially) corded acrylic paintings, red represents the ergotrophic physiological status. Red arises the pulse, blood pressure and breathing rate. Red stands for vitality and the vegetative arousal level. Thus it has the significance of desire and all forms of appetite. Red symbolises the urge, the impact, the success and the hungry desire for what intensity and experience offer. Red is impulse, vital volition to conquer and virility from the sexual impetus to revolutionary remodelling. Red is the impulse for motoric activities, sports, combat and corporate challenges and is symbolically equivalent not only to the powerful, the aspiring, the "masculine", but also to fire as spiritual inspiration. I often attempt to enforce the appeal of the tactile through a certain plasticity in order to provide the opportunity to experience sensuality and sensual pleasure, immediacy and in a sense also verity throough direct or virtual tactile sensation. The "lacing up" is an allegory of our restrictions and constraints and a symbol for their accomplishment and overcoming.

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