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when I first saw an artwork of wolf-peter out of the corner of my eye, it grabbed me - wanted to take a closer look and was somehow afraid.I looked carefully at the painting. of course I was very interested in the hidden, the covered, reminded me of rainer's overpaintings and yet it was something completely different. something new that I didn't know. I thought, that's the idea, good, tremendoulsy good.

it was only after looking at many of wolf-peter miksch's paintings that I realised the great art, which is not just a very good idea and persistence, and I did what I had never done before. I looked at a painting and looked for suitable music. really deep music - for example by

dimitri dimitrevich shostakovich or karl wilhelm's krbavac solo orchestra.

the first artwork by wolf-peter miksch still occupied me with what´s "behind", the next pieces focused my attention on the colours, the uncanny number of shades of colour, as well as the countless possibilities of contours.

great art always brings something new for you. it is also a discovery of yourself. of the self. that's how I discovered which "blue" inspired me and which "brown" I don't like at all. And I discovered my far too quick rejection of this particular brown colour. suddenly I liked it in a different constellation, no longer looked like the "brown" I didn't like. wolf-peter miksch's pieces liberate me - at least for a while - from the usual patterns in my head.

that's one reason why I like his work so much - apartfrom aesthetic reasons. another reason is the new place within us that his art creates for us, just like any great art. a place that doesn't restrict us constricts us, but makes us freer. allows something deeper to penetrate us.

but above all shows us possibilities that seem almost unlimited and perhaps to know this, I ask wolf-peter miksch to produce many more artworks.

stephan eibel erzberg

Published in the book WOLF-PETER MIKSCH CUT-PAINTINGS 2018 

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